How to apply your vinyl covers

Start with cleaning the surface that you are going to apply the vinyl to with your alcohol wipes.

Remove the paper from the back of your vinyl piece and apply it on the surface. If you happens to place it a little bit wrong, don´t worry. Just heat the vinyl up carefully with your heathgun, remove and then re-place it in the correct place.

Use the squedgee and gently press all the air from the center out from underneath the surface and the vinyl. So there is no air or bubbles left. The vinyl surface should be smooth and flat.

Fold in the corners of the vinyl, so they “wrap around the corners” of your cabinet door , drawer, wardrobe etc. Carefully blow some warm air on the edges with your heatgun so they stick together and stay in place.


“Our DIY WrapDesign vinyls are designed so that you feel like a pro the first time you install it, so that even the most novice DIYer can do any kind of project with our vinyls that they want to do”

Some handy tips and frequently asked questions

Be safe

Remember to always heat the vinyl up from a safe distance. So the heat from the heatgun / blow dryer does not damage the vinyl or the surface underneath.

Start with a distance around 20cm from the vinyl and slowly move the heatgun back and forth, so that you don´t blow hot air on the exact same spot all the time.

If you feel you get a little bit of vinyl excess on the back side of the corners, after you have folded the corners in, you can carefully remove some of that excess with your WrapDesign vinyl knife.

Can WrapDesign vinyls be removed?

Whether or not the vinyl can be removed without causing damage to the underlying surface depends on the strength of the original finish. It causes no damage to hard, thick surfaces, such as glass, metal, or laminate. For all other surfaces you should test first by applying a small piece to an inconspicuous area on your target surface.

Spray a little water / soap mixture on the surface for easier placement.

What is WrapDesigns vinyls fire rating?

Our vinyls have a Class A fire retardant when correctly applied to an appropriate surface

Can I use a hair dryer instead of a heat gun?

We recommend using a heat gun to seal the corners of the vinyl when you’ve folded it over the edges but you can also use a hair dryer. A hair dryer does not get as hot as a heat gun and it takes a little longer to seal the vinyl but it might feel more comfortable in the beginning if you are not used to working with a heat gun

About our products

With our interior design vinyl you can now easily change, mix or match as much as you want and as often as you want, without it costing you a fortune in time and money.

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